Bill’s Bar and Burger 

Usually, once a week my husband and I go out to eat cheeseburgers. We often do that on Saturdays lunch, so we can spend the rest of the afternoon walking around and maybe try to burn some of those calories, haha. We also have some favorite burgers restaurants around here that we always go to. 

Until last Saturday, believe it or not, I had not tried Bill’s Bar and Burger. It’s a famous and fairly popular place in NYC, and living here for years this was my first time. Needless to say, Bill’s just made my list of favorite burgers (and milkshake) and I cannot wait to go back, probably next weekend, haha.  We went to the Meatpacking District location and they place is really cool, the staff is very friendly, and the price is just normal for NYC.

If you never came to NYC or went to Bill’s Bar and Burger, you should have that on yor list. And for those who didn’t know, they are owned by the same company that owns Dos Caminos, great Mexican restaurant, and a few other restaurants around the city. Here is the link with all the locations. Xx 



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