Our stroller choice

I haven’t been here forever, right? But slowly I’ll try to come back writing in English. It’s been hard for me to keep up with both blogs and, writing in Portuguese is much easier, too. Anyway, I should have more time now until the baby arrives (1 month or less,) so I’ll try to do something with this blog. 🙂

My last post on my other blog was about our choice for stroller. We live in a walk up building in NYC, so I knew I couldn’t get any stroller just because I like it. I wanted something resistant, with good wheels (NYC sidewalks sucks,) easy to open/close, and something light. Am I asking for too much? I see people struggling with crazy strollers here all the time. They can’t open or close, the thing has million parts, and some strollers are bigger than cars, haha. I’m not joking! On the top of all that I didn’t want to pay an absurd amount for one that I can’t barely use.

Anyway, after all our research we decided to go with the City Mini. First, it’s light so we can go up and down on the stairs easily. Second, you can basically open and close the thing with one hand, so that will make my life as a home stay mom easier, too. The wheels are pretty good  and you can use the stroller since birth. I did get a newborn pillow to put on the stroller on the beginning though. And last, this stroller has a great price, $249 pretty much everywhere I saw it. The reviews are great, too.


We’re very happy with our choice and I cannot wait to use it. We got the purple one, even though we don’t know the sex of the baby, we thought purple is more fun, haha. How about you? What’s your favorite stroller and why? I think a stroller should fit your lifestyle and your needs. There are so many options out there, right? A little bit overwhelming.

city-mini-double_02 City Mini-single_Beige 2 baby-jogger-city-mini-and-gt-single-rain-canopy-49 og-134_1z

(photos: google)

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