Beatriz Milhazes + A sneak peek of the baby’s room

We love decoration and we knew we’d go crazy on the baby’s room. We have a super small space and tried to make the best of it. So far, I love how it turned out and will try to show a few photos soon. Today, I’d like to show one of my favorite pieces of the room though, the beautiful shade we had it made. This way, you can have see a tiny bit of the room.

Way before I got pregnant we felt in love with a print from Beatriz Milhazes and we wanted to use it somewhere. Milhazes is an amazing Brazilian plastic artist and our first idea was to use the fabric with her print (made by maharam) on a bench we have. Then I got pregnant and we had the idea of make the shade in the room with that, since we needed something.

The result was just perfect. We were able to incorporate a little bit of Brazilian art in the room without overdoing or getting too crazy. Here are a few pics so you can have an idea. I hope you like it. Xx

P1060089  P1060091P1060088 P1060092P1060086 P1060087

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