It’s been awhile… Life gets so busy, but that’s not an excuse. My excuse is I just got lazy, and that’s why I didn’t write here anymore. Dylan is six and half months now, he is crawling like a pro everywhere, has two teeth, and is starting to eat a little bit more. He still prefers his mama’s milk, but is enjoying food, too, specially sweets haha.

Anyway, he eats everything! We try everything. We did eggs, peanuts, sesame, and fish already. I always knew I wanted to start solids with everything and his pediatrician was on board, too. So far, so good.

His favorite things are: avocado, mango, yogurt (of course,) black beans, apple sauce with peanut butter, banana with cinnamon, and broccoli. Pouch foods and snacks have been saving me when we don’t have time to cook… I’ll show it later.

I’ve been trying to show a little bit on snapchat, when I can record. So, If you don’t follow me, its “meandthecity.” Here are some fun photos if you’d like to see:



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