Dylan and the cats

One of the things that I worried before D was born was my cats. My cats are still kittens and I worried I would “forget” about them and they would not get along well with the baby. I love animals and I always wanted my baby to love, respect and grow up around them.

We have two cats, a male (Jaspurr) and female (Alice.) They are Ocicats and are very friendly towards people. They love to play and interact. During my pregnancy Jaspurr was always purring and resting around my belly. Alice never cared much. Once I got home from the hospital Alice completed changed and became very, very attached to me. She loves Dylan and cares for him, but she is my shadow now. Always following me around, sleeping with me, and wanting my attention. I try to give her that once Dylan goes to his naps and is sleeping at night.


Jaspurr, on the other hand, sees Dylan as his new buddy. I love seeing their relationship growing every day. Dylan is still rough with his hands and doesn’t really know how to pet the cats. Jaspurr doesn’t really mind, as if he knows D is learning. We teach him all the time that we are gentle when petting the cats.

The cats, for sure, make our life much more fun! We’re so lucky to have wonderful animals around, and Dylan is lucky to be growing up with two older “siblings.”


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