We are back from a fun trip to Brazil. If you don’t know, my family lives down there and, even though it’s not a short trip, we try to go there once a year. This was the first international trip for Dylan and it was much, much better than I was hoping for.

I went down to Brazil with Dylan by myself. My husband went a week later to meet us and we came back together. Dylan was great flying… Friendly with everyone and slept basically all night. Yay! This mama is so proud.

This trip was extra especial, too, because D got baptized in Brazil. It was so beautiful and I’m so happy we choose my sister as his Godmother. Here are some photos from the trip taken with my phone if you’d like to see. We had a professional photographer (friend) taking pics from the Baptism, but we didn’t get those pics yet!



Not a lot of people, so D got his own seat and I was able to watch a whole movie! 
Long layover in São Paulo sucks. Really! 
Yay! Godmother went to meet us in São Paulo. 
Maringá is HOT! 
Dylan became obsessed with my sister’s dogs. 


“Don’t take my steak away” 


Two teeth came out during this trip. 



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