New carrier and urban hike

A few weeks ago, Dylan and I got invited to try on the new carrier from Baby Bjorn. I’ve always carried Dylan around on carriers (even though he is getting heavier and heavier) we said yes to try new things.

The new carrier is perfect for hiking, very functional and breathable. It also has a little bag on the back where you can carry your phone and wallet items. I have to say that I love this feature because, its hard to carry bags when are you wearing a carrier.

Anyway, me and other mamas went on a little urban hike at the High Line, which I wasn’t dressed for a hike and had a backpack on? Not sure what I was thinking… But, button line is, I loved the carrier. It’s so light and easy. Dylan stayed in it and loved observing everything around him.

Thank you, Baby Bjorn and Six Degrees of Mom for the invite and for new carrier!



(photos by stylishhipkids)

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