Protecting my baby from the sun

As you already know, we went to the beach last week. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to take another trip with my little beautiful family!

One of my concerns it was the sun. I’m from Brazil and don’t worry way too much… I tan easily and don’t really burn (yay for me.) My baby is very white though, like his daddy. So I was worried, of course. He is very active and I knew he would want to crawl everywhere.

I had a few different sunscreens to test it out with Dylan and see what worked best and had read about the Babo Botanicals being one of the best and most natural for babies. So we decided to go with that and were pretty amazed by it. First of, Dylan didn’t get burn by the sun at all. One of the things I most loved, is that even with the pressure of the ocean, the sunscreen didn’t come out. It really stays in the skin.

Actually, stays so much in the skin that we had to rub it out when giving D a shower, haha. But we didn’t mind at all. They have a special soap that helped with that. My husband and I ended up using all their products as well. It was great weekend 😀


Thank you, Babo Botanicals for sending us these amazing products! (Even though they sent us the products, the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.)

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