Bedtime routine + favorite pjs!

Since Dylan was two months old we have a little bedtime routine for him. We think is very important for babies and kids have this since the beginning and it’s great for the parents sanity, haha. D goes to bed around 6:30pm – 7pm and, after that, I can have a nice dinner with my husband, watch some TV, catch up on emails or read a book. It works well for us!

He has his dinner around 5pm, then it’s shower time, then slowing things down for bedtime soon. We read books and I breastfeed him.Unless he is extremely tired, he won’t sleep during the feeding. I like to put him totally awake in his crib where he hugs his Mr. Bunny and goes to sleep by himself.

Another thing that we like is comfy pijamas! Besides that, Dylan is growing so so fast and loses so many clothes I want to cry sometimes. That’s why we like Hanna Andersson pijamas. The pieces basically grow with the child and the quality is so amazing. So we choose to invest on a few pieces that will last and Dylan will sleep comfortable (and cute, haha.) 😉

I think having a routine to sleep is extremely important for the whole family! What’s your routine with your little one? Xx


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