First haircut

Seriously, time, STOP! I cannot believe my baby is going to be one this Summer. It’s bittersweet. Last week I took him for his first haircut and there is something about that… they don’t look like babies anymore after the first haircut!

Dylan’s hair was driving me nuts. The front of his hair was OK, but the back was so long. I thought for a second trying to cut at home with my zero experience. My husband though, who had been traumatized by his mom trying to cut his hair, told me no! And I was glad he did.

I decided to take D to Doodle Doo’s, a children hair salon in the Greenwich Village (11 Christopher St.) They are very sweet and well prepared to cut the little ones hair and, of course, distract them. Dylan stayed very serious during his hair cut, but once it was over he was all smiles and was so proud of his “new” look.

The cut costs $40 and it’s the price going in Manhattan for kids. So I hope Dylan’s hair doesn’t grow too fast now, haha. Anyway, it was the cutest experience ever. 🙂


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