Central Park Zoo

Last weekend we made a trip to the Central Park Zoo. I’ve been living in NYC for about six years now and had never been there. And my husband has been in NYC since like forever and never did go, too. Crazy how you forget (or don’t want) to be a tourist in your own city and crazy how kids change you and makes you want to do things, haha.

Anyway, we decided to take D there. He is into animals now and just started imitating a few. Monkey is his favorite noise, but his first word is actually CAT. It couldn’t be different, right? We have two kitties and we are all obsessed about them. Needless to say, every animal he pointed out at the Zoo he would scream “cat, cat, cat.”

The Central Park Zoo is not big, but is great for kids. They have a “normal” area with the animals and they have the Children’s Zoo, more like a petting zoo. This was D’s favorite part. He loved the goats and tried to eat their food, of course. It looks like a big cheerios that smells bad.

We got the tickets online so we could avoid waiting in line, and that actually ended up being cheaper! Great thing to know if you’re thinking about going.  Here are a few (not so good) pics I took with my phone. 😀



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