D’s Bday Party!

We have a love relationship with Citibabes, so D’s first birthday party had to be there. We’ve been going there to classes and to play since he was only 2 months old and he just loved that place. Actually, he pretty much feels home over there, haha. Also, his birthday is end of July, and to us is impossible to make something at the park because is either hot or too hot!

At home was not an option, too, because we live in a small apartment and wouldn’t fit everyone. We wanted kids and grown ups to have fun, and we didn’t want to make anything big. So Citibabes was perfect.

Here is what we did. We ordered some delicious food from Murray’s Cheese. They have amazing sandwiches, cheeses, and sides. Everyone loved it!! I got some food for the kiddos (lots of Happy Family Organic pouches and snacks) and string cheese. We had some grown up drinks, of course. And, for sweets we ordered the amazing cake from Brigadeiro Bakery that became tradition in our family and my awesome friend, Cintia (@maedehoje) made some Brazilian sweet treats. She is the best baker EVER!

Citibabes has great space for the kids to play and we had an appearance of Mr. Corbitt, too. He is Dylan’s music teacher and he just the best. He played music for the kids and they loved it.

The party was so fun and we just had to leave because the kiddos were pretty tired and it was time to close the facility haha. Otherwise, I think we’d be there all day long. Ar conditioning also makes any party better, right? It was SO crazy hot outside.

Thank you for everyone that came celebrate D’s first year. It was so special. Xx


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