lesson learned

This Summer we have been to at least 10 one year old birthday parties. It basically became part of our weekends. Part of me is done with it and part of me loves it. Specially because its always fun to get together with friends and celebrate their babies turning one. It’s special, very special, and we’re happy to be part of that.

This past weekend we went to celebrate Sam’s birthday. Samuel is about three weeks younger than D and his mama and I are really good friends since we had no babies. So of course we had to be there despite of this ridiculous humid and crazy weather that is happening lately. It’s SO hot guys, I basically refuse to be outside. Luckily, Sam’s birthday party was inside. Yay!

I dressed D with this cute outfit by True Religion. This brand has the cutest things for the little ones and I’m obsessed with this jeans and t-shirt. I got all excited to have Dylan wearing this for his friend’s birthday party. The age he is now is so much fun and we have so many cute options that are not “babyish” anymore, even though he is still my baby.

Little I knew that this guy is so active and you should never feed your kid with messy food before leaving the house, haha. So, an accident happened right before we left and I had to change him. It was totally my fault! Sometimes, as a mom, we make some silly decisions. Dylan has been eating by himself pouches so well and I couldn’t be prouder, but I forget that he is only one year old and has no control of his hands.

Every time we go somewhere, I like to feed him something before we leave the house. I learned this with my mom, haha. You never know what is going to have at a birthday party and you don’t want your kid cranky and hungry, because that’s the worse. So I usually give him some healthy snack or even a whole meal (depending the time of day) before we head out.

I had snapped some cute photos before to show his outfit. The plan was to snap a few photos of him playing at the birthday party, too, but that didn’t happen. Shame on Mama!!

Our birthday season, believe or not, is still not done, so D will have plenty of opportunities to wear this again. I can’t wait!


(thank you, true religion for the outfit and thank for supporting my blog. Xx)


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