Date night at Lupa

This past weekend my husband and I went on a date night. We try to do it at least once a month… sometimes we can do more and sometimes we got over a month without it, but we always look forward to a date night. It’s nice to be able to go out without kids, have drinks, eat good food, and of course, talk!

We can do this at home? Yes, and we do it a lot. Dylan goes to bed super early, so we’ve been having dinner “as adults” since he was about two months old. But the going out is fun.. you get to dress up, to put some high heels and have that amazing dress and lipstick on, so nothing beats a good date night with your favorite guy.

Last weekend we went to Lupa, on Greenwich Village. It’s a Roman style restaurant and the food is just AMAZING! I love Italian food, so that’s a plus. Their selection of wines is gigantic, but staff is really helpful with it. We always pretend we know wine, but we actually don’t know really well hahaha. Also, their desserts are so so tasty! We had the olive oil cake with sesame ice cream, it’s like going to heaven and back!

The restaurant is usually crowded on weekends, so it’s good to get a reservation for dinner if you want a normal time to eat! It’s on our “best food” list now!

Have you ever been there? What did you think? And also, do you usually go on date nights? I’d love to know. Xx

photo: google
photo: google
photo: my phone, haha.

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