How was your weekend?

How was it? I want to know. I love long weekends, specially because my husband is home an extra day. Dylan gets super excited and I get to rest a little bit more. We didn’t do much on Labor Day, just hang out around here.  Here are a few pics of the weekend if’d like to see:

On Saturday we went to have lunch at Berimbau (Carmine St.) I was dying to eat some Brazilian food and have a yummy caipirinha. If you go there, ask for the passion fruit one. I had two of those, haha. My husband prefers the tradicional one. Dylan loves the food and always eats a lot. So it’s a win win!!


Sunday we walked to TriBeCa to have lunch at Shake Shack. I LOVE it! Dylan was sleeping so he missed that, haha. After, we walked around the Brookfield Mall, 9/11 Memorial, and finally went to see the Oculos. It’s pretty cool. On the way back home I stopped at Whole food to get a couple things and Dada took D to the playground.


This was pretty much our weekend. Monday we just hang around here and took Dylan to the playground one more time. Nothing too exciting, but at the same time super exciting. 😀

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