Italy Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we were away in Italy on vacation. We spent nine days around Venice and Rome along with my mom. We took my mom on this trip to celebrate her 60th Birthday. Her dream was to go to Italy, and like every good Catholic, go to the Vatican. Her wish was granted and Dylan also got a kiss from the Pope. This was, of course, the highlight of this trip. A really amazing moment that took us by surprise.


Traveling with a 14 month old boy is challenging and not easy, but it’s worth it. We were debating if we should go with Dylan or not go at all, and I’m glad we went! He definitely enjoyed it. He was out of his routine basically every day, ate too many gelato, went to dinner with us every night (some nights were better than others,) but it worked out. He took some killer naps in his stroller and slept throughout the night every single night. And this mama was very, very happy about this!

I’m preparing another post with all the essencial itens for a toddler, in my opinion, that helped us on this trip. Meanwhile, here are some photos if you’d like to see. Xx


You know… toddlers! 
Problem solved! 


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