Italy with kids

As I said before, traveling with kids is not easy and takes planning, especially if you are going to another country. I’ve to Italy before, but never with a kid. Everything changes! Here are some things that helped us on this trip and made it easier.


First of all, we didn’t stay in a hotel. Besides needing two room since my mom was coming with us, we wanted more space so Dylan could run around, a kitchen and be able to do laundry. After researching A LOT, reading many reviews, we rented apartments in Venice and Rome through Airbnb. Guys, it was great! The apartments were so clean, functional, much bigger than a hotel room, and had everything we needed.

Because we had a kitchen, we were able to make a good breakfast for Dylan in the morning so I didn’t have to worry about his lunch that much. I went to the grocery store and got eggs, yogurt, bananas and whatever else was easy. Even though he ate a lot, he loved lunch. This guy loves carbs and wouldn’t pass bread and spaghetti carbonara! Having a place to wash clothes was great, too, because Rome is so, so, so dirty!

Btw, even though Italy is super friendly towards kids, the restaurants do not have high chairs. This was the only place where they kinda had one. The staff everywhere were super helpful and friendly though! 


We made sure to rent apartments that had a crib for Dylan, because I didn’t want to have to pack something like that. So I just took his sheets and two of the stuffed animals he sleeps with and it worked just fine. Dylan felt “home” and slept through the night like a champ.

Another thing I mentioned before was the stroller. We took the Citi Mini and it was perfect, much better than an umbrella stroller. The City Mini is light and super easy to open and close, has great support to walk around on those streets and it’s comfortable enough for long naps. I actually saw a lot of people there with the same stroller.


A few other things that helped us:



  • Munchkin Snack Catcher. We had this on the stroller all the times and I took some puffs. We walked a lot and many times Dylan wanted to get out of the stroller in places he couldn’t, so I gave him snacks. Yes, it saved us!
  • Besides the puffs, I packed a bunch of snacks from here because I didn’t want to bother looking for different things at grocery stores there. I took granola bars, rice crackers, fruit snacks and things like that. It was vacation for everyone and I didn’t care how much he was snacking sometimes!
  • Camelbak bottle for kids. I bought this one week before we went on the trip and Dylan became obsessed with it. It’s easy to clean and it’s no spill, I love it. Sometimes I would drink water from the same bottle, haha. Rome has a lot of fountains with clean and cold water around the city.
  • Wipes! Guys, we used so many wipes. Not just clean Dylan’s butt, but to clean his hands and face all the time. As mentioned, Rome is super dirty and his hands would get black constantly.
  • Changing pad. We have one from Skip Hop and that thing got used a whole lot. Italy bathrooms doesn’t have a place to change kids, so we had to use either our stroller or the floor. And it’s OK, people, everyone does that there. I took some little bags for dirty diapers, too.
  • We took some little toys and books so he would have stuff to play at the apartment and the iPad. We didn’t take the iPad around the city or to restaurants, we don’t do this here. But, he could watch stuff once we were at the apt. He needed so down time after intense days and so did we! Amazon prime allows you do download cartoons and watch offline.


The whole trip was pretty amazing, fun, a lot of work, and worth it! Traveling with kids is different and, as long as we understand this and respect their limits, it’s much better. We are already planning another adventure with our little guy. Xx


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