See ‘Dylan’ Run

I love Fall and I’m so happy the weather is changing. I cannot wait to wear coats, boots, hats. Dylan loves being outside and he will definitely enjoy this season with his Mama. One of his  first words was “shoes” awhile ago. Shoes because he knows he needs it to go outside. He comes to us with his shoes and ask us to put it on him, then he rans to the door and starts saying “go, go, go.” Dylan is a funny little guy that knows what he wants!


Dylan has also been using shoes since he was a baby. I never liked the idea of him wearing an outfit without shoes, it looked like something was missing. When he couldn’t walk, I didn’t care much about the quality of the shoes, but as soon as he showed the first signs  walking I knew I had to get him something decent and with support for his little feet. I also knew I wanted to get See Kai Run for him!

Before having kids on my own, I was around kids a lot, and See Kai Run was (and still is) the best and cutest shoes around. Needless to say, those were Dylan’s first real shoes. The ones he started walking outside and the ones that gave him confidence to do it. Most of his pairs of shoes are from there.


Now that is fall, I’m obsessed with their boots. Besides being cute, most of the boots are waterproof! I love this feature because Dylan loves jumping on puddles. I’m not thrilled about it, haha, but I let him go. He is a little explorer and this shoes help him go to places.


See Kai Run and Blog Me and The City are giving away one pair of shoes to a lucky winner on Instagram. Head over to my account (@blogmeandthecity) to have a chance to win! Xx


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