B-Ready with Britax

I consider myself a very loyal person to products we like and that works for our family, but I have to admit that I love trying new things. Living in NYC we have a very busy lifestyle. We’re always out and about, we ride trains, take cabs, and walk basically everywhere in this city we call home!

Needless to say, Dylan is used to be on the go. We don’t own a car, so the stroller is “his” car and ours, too, even though we have to push, haha. He doesn’t complain to get in the stroller because he knows he is going to places. This is how we move around! So I’m always on hunt of products that makes our lives easier.

When Britax and Six Degrees of Mom approached me to ask if I wanted to try the new B-READY stroller I was afraid to accept. Afraid because I knew I’d like and I’d regret not having this stroller since Dylan was born. Well, that happened. I still love the stroller we had before, but trying this new one just made me realize what I was missing out.


The stroller is great and has everything we need, specially a huge basket under the seat that you can fit everything in there. Not having a car, that makes much, much easier going around to run errands. You know what I mean if you live in a big city… you need this to go to a grocery store, haha. It just makes like 99% easier.


The B-READY is super easy to open and close, it’s super compact when you close so it’s a great to travel, too. Another feature we like is that the stroller grows with you. And by that I meant is that if you have another child you can easily put another seat there!

We still don’t know if or when we are having another baby, but the stroller for it we have already!


You can see that Dylan really enjoyed the stroller (specially the snack tray) and that’s what makes me happy. As long as baby enjoys it, I do it too! Thank you, Britax and Six Degrees of Mom for this amazing opportunity. Xx

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