Getting ready for the Winter

Hi everyone! After a weird heat wave this October I think we finally have some fall weather. I have to say that I love it and was waiting for this. As I said many times before, we like cold weather and we hope Dylan enjoys it too. I think the key to like the cold weather is to dress properly.

Growing up in Brazil I didn’t really knew what really cold weather means like. When I moved to US I was 23 and totally unprepared. I suffered for the first few winters because I didn’t really know what to buy. Once I learned, life changed and I could actually enjoy the weather. I tell this to all my friends looking to buy Winter clothes.

Of course I want my son to experience the same thing. I don’t want to dress him with tons of clothes, looking like a snowman to go outside and still be shivering. Kids need playful, comfortable, warm, and durable clothing, and that’s why Polar O. Pyret is one of my favorite brands for him.

Before I continue, I want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I just really, really like this brand for kids and I’m always happy to share what I like.  The sizing of This Swedish brand runs big, so it will fit the kids for a whole season or even more. Dylan’s jacket from last year still fits him and my kid is looong! The quality is amazing and I love that they have many waterproof pieces and still stylish and super comfy!

A few weeks ago, Brianne from Stroller in the City invited a few bloggers to go to the store and learn a bit more about the brand and show everything they have new for this season. Polar O. Pyret is not just Winter though, they have outfits for all the seasons. All the pieces is made for kids to be out there and play, get dirty, move around. I just love everything they have.

If you don’t know Polar O. Pyret, you need to check it out! Here is a few photos from the event and a few things I got for D. Xx


And here are a few pieces that I cannot wait to D wear it!


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