Early Halloween

This past weekend we already started celebrating Halloween with Dylan, even though this fun holiday is still a week away. Some schools and parks already had their own Halloween parties, so it’s great not have everything in one day. We didn’t do any decoration at home (shame on me!!) but we got excited to go to those little parties and see Dylan having so much fun.

For his costume, I decided to go easy. He still doesn’t really get to pick his own costume, se we did it! First, I wanted something super comfortable, as always, and I wanted something fun. Darth Vader, even though is a mean character, is kinda fun! We like Star Wars and I can guarantee you Dylan will like it. Hanna Andersson, one of my favorite brands for pijamas, had the cutest glow in the dark pajama costume. So there you go! Dylan is wearing a pijama for Halloween. I just had to get a couple accessories on Amazon!

Saturday it was rainy and ugly day to be outside, so we were glad that Citibabes was hosting a little (and very crowded) Halloween party. It was pretty fun with lots of music, stories, arts and crafts, bouncy castle for the little ones. Dylan loved it.

Sunday was cold, but a perfect beautiful fall day. One of the playgrounds we love and go all the time was hosting a fundraising Halloween party, so of course we went. They started with a parede for the kids and it was too funny seeing everyone dressed up! After that they had music, games, yummy snacks, crafts, face painting, magic for the kids. The event was all day long, but we stayed only for the morning. Dylan can’t handle more than that, and to tell the truth, neither can we, haha!

What are you going to be this Halloween? I’m still debating if I should dress up or not!! Probably not ;). Here are some pics of the weekend if you’d like to see:



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