on ending breasfeeding

It’s been 15 months since I breastfed for the first time. And it’s been three days that I don’t breastfeed Dylan at all. It was a beautiful journey that ended last Friday, that actually has been ending for awhile now. Last Friday was our last time and we both knew it. Well, I knew it, haha.

The photos are from our early days.

I never knew I’d love breastfeeding so much! But also never knew how consuming it was. It’s so much commitment and time, I totally get why some moms have a hard time doing it, without any judgment.Pumping never worked for me, so he never got the bottle. The first few months of Dylan I didn’t do anything but breastfeed. And it’s fine, I’d do it all over again.


When he turned one year old I was already tired and he was showing signs he wasn’t interested anymore. He wanted in the morning and before bedtime. It was always quick. I breastfed him to go to sleep, but that wasn’t working for me because it was the only way he wanted to go to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding made life easier too, specially when we were traveling or out all day long.

After changing a few things on Dylan’s schedule, like breastfeeding him right after his shower at night, with lights on, in my room, before reading books and brushing his teeth, he basically wanted to be fed for 30 seconds max. So we ended that one. In the morning he was waking up (early as always,) I’d feed him and right after he would run to the kitchen asking for breakfast, haha. So I knew we were done!

We ended the night one first and when he got used to it, we did the morning one. It was easy and we did it slowly. I’m sad and I’m really, really happy. Happy because I did for longer that I thought I could. Happy because my body was able to feed my kid. Happy because my experience with breastfeeding was good. And, happy because I can finally buy some new, pretty, non breastfeeding bras, haha.

My challenge now is to give him milk. I tried so many different brands and types of milk and he just doesn’t like it. Not surprising, because I really don’t like milk. After talking to his doctor, we will just increase his dairy and make sure he gets the enough amount every day. We will keep trying here and there. Dylan eats well, but doesn’t like cow milk. We can’t have everything! Xx



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