Toys around the house

The other day, after Dylan went to bed, my husband and I were picking up all the toys and all the mess around our living room and talking about life. Talking about our home, how life used to be, and how the toys took over, haha. Don’t get me wrong, we love the way our life and home is now and wouldn’t change for a thing.

I’m not sure if our decoration has a “style.” We do like some pretty and colorful things, some nice and comfortable furniture, so I’d say our house is very welcoming. Does that makes sense? With toys wouldn’t be different, we like toys that Dylan enjoys first of all, but since now it’s part of our decor, we like some toys that it can be incorporated to our home.

B. Toys has been a brand dear to our heart and Dylan has their toys since he was little. The colors are so pretty and different, the designs are so cool, modern, unique, that was easy to make the toys part of our house. Besides all that, Dylan loves it and that is the most important part of it. He is always super curious about these toys, plays a lot with them (I’m not kidding) and it hasn’t grew out of any of these toys yet.

The packaging of the toys is incredible, too. B. Toys use recycling material and many of the package you can reuse. We’re working now on Dylan helping picking up the toys after he plays with, but that’s a whole other story, haha.


This photo melts my heart like a thousand times!! Also, he still loves this soft blocks. 


This was one of the first time he stood up holding on something. 



This was my husband’s work, who is obsessed with this toy, haha! 


Thank you B. Toys, for the last few of Dylan’s toys. He loved it and can’t stop playing with it.

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