Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year, guys! How was it? We had a pretty chill new years and I was sleeping before midnight. Yes, this had been happening for the past three years and I do not regret, haha. This year we had my sister here, so it was a pretty big deal. She was also sleeping before midnight because… KIDS!

It’s totally fine, we had tons of fun the whole time she was here though. Dylan couldn’t get enough of her and I couldn’t get enough of trying to rest for a little bit. We live far from all of our families, so it breaks my heart knowing Dylan won’t grow up with them around. At the same time I’m so, so thankful for technology! We can see them, speak to them, send photos, videos all the time. And this way Dylan gets to know them better and not be a strange. Because of FaceTime, he knew who my sister was right way and wouldn’t leave her side.

One the day my sister was leaving the snow finally showed up! She had never seen it and Dylan had never played on the snow before. So it was great. Well, not great the part that her flight was delayed FOREVER! Poor girl had to sleep at the JFK, but she is safe and sound in Brazil now.

Anyway, snow was a big deal! I decided to take Dylan outside to play a little bit. It took me only 30 minutes to get ready, we spend like 10 outside, but it was worth it. His whole outfit is from Polar O. Pyret. I love this brand and they make the perfect clothes for this occasion. I also don’t need to layer him with 351746862 clothes because everything is warm. And that makes him comfortable and nice to play outside.

The only thing he is wearing that is not from there are the mittens. We receive this mittens from a Canadian brand called MimiTENS and we’re obsessed with it. These mittens have a sleeve that goes all the way to his elbow and do not come off. Love this. It’s super cute too, water resistant and warm. Dylan knows he needs to go outside and doesn’t complain to put it on. I will make another post showing the mittens. YAY!

Here are some photos if you’d like to see:



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