Resolution for 2017

Did you do any resolution for this year? Do you usually do every year? I’ve never done and this year wasn’t too much different. I always se goals in life I want to achieve, but I don’t believe that the year needs to start to we can go after what we want. Although I think it’s cool when people set some things for the beginning of the year and actually commit to it. So you can get to the end and look back with satisfaction.

One thing it was bothering me was that we basically stopped going to the church since Dylan was born. My excuse? Dylan, of course. It was my excuse for being lazy, that’s all and I’m not proud of it. Going to the church with a toddler is easy? Of course not, but also going to a bunch of places with a toddler is not fun and we always make it work.

So I decided to change this. On Christmas we started going again with Dylan and it was better than we though. Easy? Again, no! But it was just fine. We are lucky enough to have a Catholic Church we like one block from our home. The Mass is pretty quick (never more than one hour) and the Priest is very nice and funny.

We’ve been trying a few different times too, because I don’t want to do on Dylan’s nap time. This is asking for a disaster (meltdowns) to happen at the church. I’ve been also taking a couple little books, one being The Children’s Bible, with us so he can get a little distracted and a few snacks to have if we need. Because by the end of the day, he is only 17 months and he won’t sit still for an hour. No Ipads or phones though. For us, this ia a NO when we go to church.

So here you go, this is my resolution for this year and hopefully we will create the habit of going again and Dylan will get used to it. I’m pretty content about it!

How about you? What’s your resolution? And what do you do when you go to places like church, restaurants or anything like that with kids? I want to know. Xx



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