Making art

We live in small apartment here in NYC. Spaces are small in the city and you just have to get used to it and make it work. We have a toddler who likes to run around and two cats that does the same thing. I often joke I have three toddlers, haha.

With that said, I hear a lot from people if it’s hard to raise kids in NYC because of small spaces and no backyard. I think raising a kid is not easy anywhere, specially if you’re far away from family and really don’t have a lot of help. But you just make it work! And we do that and love it. Luckily, NYC is a kid friendly place. Playgrounds are everywhere and this became our backyard. Also, indoor playground guys! Thank goodness for that.

We’ve been going to Citibabes since Dylan was two months old. We used to go when he was a little baby just for movement classes.  When he turned six months we added music classes too. By far, music is Dylan’s favorite class ever. It’s so fun to watch his progress there. He loves it too much.

Now that he is 18 months (OMG!) we added art class to his “busy” schedule. I’m lucky enough I get to do all these classes with him. We did so far a couple of these classes and we are loving it. Well, me more than Dylan. It’s new for him and he can sit still for too long. I’m OK with it and so is the teacher. It’s all a process. He loves painting though and playing with different textures, colors, shapes, markers, stickers, and everything.

I have to say I’m very proud of my little one making is own art (with my help, of course). Here are a few pics of his first Art Class:


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