On being flexible

If I could give every mom a simple advice it would be this… be flexible with your toddler and choose your battles. I say toddler because that’s what I have right not, but I believe is worth for all ages.

Today, Dylan and I were having lunch together. He usually sits on his high chair and I sit on the counter next to him. Is not every day we have lunch together, because sometimes is too early for me. But anyway, we were having lunch and eating the same thing. I had my plate and he had his. Dylan notice my place and wanted it for him even though it was the same thing. That moment I had two choices: 1) I could say no and explain to him that we were eating the same thing and he should eat from his own plate. It would be a tiring moment for disciplining my kid; 2)I could give my plate to him and see what he was going to do.

Dylan is only 18 months, is learning new things every day, and is curious. I decided not to pick a battle at lunch time and gave my plate to him. He was super excited and placed one plate next to the other and started taking food out of his plate and put into mine. When he was done he celebrated and did all over again to his place. While he was doing that he also ate all the food from both plates.

I could have choose to discipline and teach my toddler when he asked for my plate, but I choose every day what is worth fighting for. I want to teach my kid every day to be flexible, to be kind, and to pick his battles as well.  I see so many moms out there being so harsh with themselves and with their kids. We cannot expect them to do things that their brain still can’t understand. Motherhood is hard for everyone and the same time we need a break, they also need one.

For Dylan today at lunch, the important thing was the process of taking food from one plate and putting inside another. I allowed this to happen by being flexible with him and not trying to “teaching him a lesson.” And by doing that, we all won this battle. Have a good weekend, guys. Xx





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