Play area and having limits

Our apartment in NYC is not big, like most of the places here. We live in a one and half bedroom apt, one bathroom and an open living space. We couldn’t ask for anything else here in the city and we are very happy with the ways things are in our home. Of course, if I could ask for something it would be for a cleaning fairy that would come every day to organize the toys and everything that is out of place all the time, haha.

We try to make a happy and comfortable place for Dylan (and the cats) to hang out. There are some things around the house that are off limits, some things are child proofed, and some things we just constantly teach him he cannot play with, like the water fountain for the cats. After tiring months of telling him NO and explaining that was not a toy, he finally doesn’t care anymore and doesn’t try to play with it. Same thing with the cat food.

Another thing he learned is that the wine rack is off limits and not a toy (well, it’s mama’s toy.) Our wine rack is made of metal and is right off his play area. To secure, we have a nest in front of the rack, but you still can get wine from it. It’s just more work! He tried a few times, not successful and not a toy… He doesn’t try anymore.

I think teaching them limits is the key. They are kids and we want to turn them into decent, respectable, and kind human beings. Teaching limits allows them to know what is right or wrong, allows them to respect space and things, and allows them to ask us for what they want knowing that “no” can be an answer.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I try every single day to do it right. I childproof my home, specially the dangerous places, but I do not want to live in a place where my son can do whatever he wants. I want him to learn that he cannot have everything he wants, I want him to ask for things, I want to him know some things are mine or my husband’s or the cats, and I also want him to feel comfortable! It’a all about balance in life.

Here is a little bit of our play space:


Where is that cleaning fairy???
A closer look of the nest on the wine rack. 

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