Snow Day Out

Last Thursday we finally had a snow storm. I’m kinda sad we’re not getting as much snow as I’d like to this Winter. The weather has been so so crazy! But if we have embrace the cold, I want to snow instead of rain and wind. Of course, not having to drive makes it much easier with snow.

So on Thursday I was super excited to get Dylan out. We didn’t stay too long because besides the snow, it was super windy. Dylan, of course, did not mind and cried a bunch when we came back inside. He is definitely his father’s son and loves the Winter.

Prepping him to be outside with this conditions might be the only thing I don’t enjoy that much, but I try to keep it simple and very basic. I don’t believe too much layers makes any difference if you have the wrong pieces, so we try to get the right pieces and don’t layer that much. Otherwise, Dylan wouldn’t be able to walk.

He is using pants from Icebreaker and shirt from Polarn O. Pyret, all merino wool. His snow bib, jackets and boots are also from Polarn. I have to say I LOVE these boots and I love the insulation inside. The good thing is that we can take it out if the weather is not cold and use as a rain boots. His mittens, that has a little sleeve, are from MimiTens and I love it, too.

Here are a few pics if you’d like to see:


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