Snow Day In + Giveaway

Even though we went out for a little last Thursday with the snowstorm, the majority of the day we stayed inside our apartment. The place where Dylan takes classes and has a indoor playground was closed and it was impossible to go anywhere anyway. So we had a snow day in!

Staying in with a toddler can be crazy! We are so used to be out and about every day, we always try keep busy and are doing something. When we have days like these we try do do a little bit of everything. We watched cartoons, we played with toys, ate yummy food, ran around the apartment, and of course, tried some arts and craft.

I’m not a huge crafty person, but I try to be as much as involved and creative as I can. Since Dylan started the art classes he is a little bit more interested too. He is still young and its hard to sit still for too long, but enjoys. Once thing he has been enjoying the most is to play with Do-a-Dot Art.

The first time we played with these markers was at the art class and Dylan loved it. Right after that, Do-a-Dot Art contacted us and offered to send some of their products and I accept. As I said before, I love working with brands we enjoy and use it on daily basis. Do-a-Dot Art is so much fun, everyone here plays with it and you can me as much creative as you want.

Since I partnered with Do-a-Dot Art, we decided to do a Instagram Giveaway! So head over to @blogmeandthecity for a chance to win!!

Our snow day in ended up being so fun and busy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


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