For the love of the truck

One of Dylan’s obsession right now are trucks. I’m not saying toy trucks, but real ones. His love for firetruck is still on, but now we can add all types of trucks and buses to the mix. Living in the city, it makes really easy to see trucks and “big things that go” everywhere we go. 🙂

I’ve been arounds kids my whole life and I’m used to things that they like and what to expect (well, some things.) But my husband is not. For him this it’s all new and I kinda love that. When I was telling him about the trucks the other day, he asked me if girls are interested on trucks, firetrucks, buses, too. It took me a few seconds to respond and I started remembering all the girls I took care, I worked with before and my answer was: “They do like sometimes, but they don’t get as excited.”

The truth is at this age is hard to define what they like or don’t. I don’t like to generalize or to say this is “a boy thing”, but I never forced Dylan to like this. He just does! Somehow I think it’s on their DNA. Maybe it will change later and maybe it won’t. And we will be there to support him no matter what. As I’ve said before, my goal is to expose him to things, guide him, and let him choose what and who he wants to be. I want my boy to be happy and healthy!

By the way, there is a fairly big construction (or something like that, its NYC) happening on the corner of my house and Dylan wants to go watch it every day, so we’ve been talking walks there and spending a few minutes watching them work. Dylan goes crazy, haha. He always wears his See Kai Run shoes. It’s so comfortable and easy to walk, run, play – also, it’s super easy to clean and this mama loves that. See Kai Run has always been our choice for shoes since Dylan started walking and I’m sure he will be using for a long time.


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