Jackson Hole

Hi, guys! We are back. Those who follow me on Instagram (@blogmeandthecity) knew I was away. We spent a week in Jackson Hole, WY. It was so good to get away for awhile, even though Dylan is definitely showing some lovely signs of terrible twos. This is real, guys. But I will talk about it on another post!

We stayed on the mountain at the Teton Mountain Lodge and I have nothing to complain about it. The hotel is beautiful, they have nice spa, indoor and outdoor pools, an amazing restaurant, and a killer breakfast to start the day. The staff is so kind, too.

The first few days was kinda rough because Dylan was waking up super early. But, once we got into a little schedule he stayed at the mountain daycare part of the day and I went skiing for a bit. This was the best! The best because I knew Dylan was having fun and being well fed while I was doing something for myself! Vacation for everyone, right?

Anyway, here are some photos if you’d like to see…



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