Travel size love

As I was writing a post about some of Dylan’s essentials products when we are traveling, I decided I should share some of my favorite things I’ve been using and loving it too. Once upon a time, my blog used to be more about things like that and, slowly, I’ll try to share things not just about motherhood. It’s been hard, but I’ll do it.

I’m a travel size junkie. It’s a little bit silly, but its essencial. We travel quite a bit and I like to have a few products I use at home with me when I’m away. Like my shampoo and hair cream, for exemple. I’m pretty loyal to the same brand for the past six years and I’m not planning on changing that. I have curly hair and DevaCurl products are the only ones that works for me… so, travel size it is! Also, travel size things helps the “packing light” that my husband insist me to do it and I’m trying to learn. I think I’m getting better each time we go somewhere.

Here are a few products I love, use at home, and take on trips with me:


As I said, I love DevaCurl and don’t live without their products for my hair.


I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s products. I’ve been using their Creme de Corps since forever (including during my whole pregnancy!) So now I also have the little one, of course. At home I have the one liter bottle of this cream, haha. I also have facial cleanser and night cream to take with me. Their products never disappoint.


This makeup remover from Lancome might be the BEST one I’ve tried so far, and I tried many different brands. It takes away everything from my eye, any kind of makeup. It’s so, so good.


Sunscreen from Babo Botanicals and hand/nail cream from Caudalíe, always! My husband actually is a big fan of this sunscreen and used every day, many times, when he was skiing.


What are your favorite things? Do you love travel size too? Is there any product you cannot live without? Xx

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