Travel size for kids

Traveling with kids is not easy and definitely not light. Because of Dylan, I’m trying to learn how to pack light for myself now, there are so many little things we need to have. Depending where we’re going, I usually don’t pack a lot of diapers and wipes, for example, and just buy at the destination. But at the same time I don’t want to get to destination and have to buy a million things!

This time when we went to Jackson I packed diapers only for the plane ride and a couple extras. I packed only one pack of wipes too. I also basically didn’t pack any food or snacks, only for the trip. We got there and went straight to the grocery where I ended up buying whatever I needed for that week.

His toiletries though, I brought it from home, because I think it’s easier if we can have everything “travel size.” Dylan’s skin is super sensitive and I didn’t want to take any chances and just have what I already know and trust. Babyganics has been a trusted brand for us since Dylan was born, we just love their products and I confess that I want to use a few things for myself, haha.

When they offered to send us a few things to take on the trip it was a no brainer answer for me… of course! Besides sending a few products I already knew I liked, I got to try on Dylan a few other ones, like the Eczema Cream. I have to say I tried many eczema creams on my son and this, by far, worked the best.


Dylan didn’t have any problem on his skin during the week we were there. Another thing I absolutely love about it, is that the cream is not sticky like many other ones. My husband gets so so crazy when he has to put something on Dylan’s skin that is sticky like vaseline… Don’t get me wrong, some of those products are really good, but it’s a pain and it gets everywhere!

Another thing I really loved was the travel size stain eraser! Dylan gets stuff everywhere, specially on my clothes somehow! We were having blueberries pancakes every morning at the hotel and of course, every morning was a blueberry explosion on his and my clothes! Thank goodness for that stain eraser, because I was not up to do any laundry that week.

And one more thing… Thank goodness for hand sanitizer wipes! I’m not a germaphobic, I’m actually pretty relaxed, but planes are gross and I have to wipe down a few things like the seat, seatbelt bucle and tray before letting Dylan sit down. Those things never get cleaned and he often licks stuff, always classy, haha.


We came back and I already have everything packed again for another trip we are taking next month. I’m so excited!!!



(Babyganics did send us these products, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine)

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