Easter Weekend

Happy Easter, guys! How was your weekend? Easter is such an important weekend for me and I was happy to spent here with my little family. We usually travel, but this year we decided to stay home, since Dylan and I are going away end of this week. The weather was so beautiful every day and we got to be outside a lot.

My husband was home on Friday too, so it was much more fun! Friday we just ran some errands, I did some packing and some Spring cleaning while Rob took D to the playground. Saturday we took D to his first Egg Hunt and the Bleecker Playground and it was so much fun. This boy loved finding eggs, shaking it, and then putting inside his basket. He really didn’t care what was inside, haha. After that we went to lunch at Republic, a noodle asian fusion place we love at Union Square. Dylan loves it too, but he was so tired! Passed out right after lunch and went back to the playground when he woke up!

Sunday was Easter. We had a little basket and egg hunt for D at home. The only candy he really really loved was the cheerios covered with chocolate from Jacques Torres. Can’t blame him, it’s delicious! We went to the Church in the morning too, where Dylan half behaved, haha. We did lunch at our regular place on Sundays, Dos Caminos and it was great! The weather was so amazing.

So here is a bunch of photos from the weekend, if you’d like to see:

Friday we had pizza for lunch at Pizzaria Numero 28 (Carmine St.) 
Then the cats put D to sleep, as you can see. 
Ready for his first egg hunt! 


Hmmmm they had doughnuts at the park! 


Noodles also can put you to sleep. So good! 


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