Knowing the letters

If you see my Instagram stories, you know I’ve been showing for the past month or so D reading the letters. D is 21 month old and he knows the whole alphabet. Not memorized, but you can point it out to each letter and he will know. He is loving knowing and discovering this and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

I did get a lot of messages though with people asking me how did I teach him, how did I do that and all… and the answer is: I didn’t do anything different or special to teach him the alphabet. That’s his thing! He showed some interest and we always motivated him. I think that’s one of the most important things, we motivated and give them the tools to learn and play with things they like at this age, without forcing them.

If you know me or know our home, you know we have children’s books everywhere. We read to D since he was born! On his room we have a lot of books he can reach and almost no toys (because… space!) and his play area is full of toys, but we do have a lower shelf with books and I think this is super important. If you want your kid to like books, you have to incorporate with playing too. We do read to D before he goes to sleep, but other than that we can read anytime and it’s important to give him the freedom to open up the books and just look through the pages.

Books at his play area!

When he showed interest in the alphabet, I got him THIS book, THIS puzzle, THIS flash card, and THESE stickers. All things to be incorporate to play time. The flash cards though I gave to him on our last trip and now I’m going to give it again on the next trip (and that’s soon!!) so he can play. Flash cards are great things to have on the plane.

Anyway, I think there are no big secret besides motivation on something he likes. Dylan is the sweetest and most playful boy I know, he loves big hugs all the time and cuddling with mama, I hope this stays forever!!



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