Finding the whole me

(this post is sponsored. the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. thanks for supporting bmat)

Since I had Dylan, life has never been the same, of course. I think when we have kids, we’re never alone anymore, we’re never one anymore, and it’s really, really hard to put ourselves first. To tell you the truth, I don’t think this is possible! My brain never stops, even when I’m relaxed, when I sleep through the night, my brain is always worrying. I have a 21 month old that depends 100% of me, he is mine and my husband’s responsibility. But I guess that’s part of being a mother. We give ourselves to someone else and we love unconditionally.

With that said, I try not to forget myself. I like myself a lot and try to care of my body and my mind every day without being crazy and excessive. I try to find balance in life. I do believe on the saying “happy mom = happy home.” I exercise regularly and eat well and I think that sets a good example to my son.  Taking care of myself is not just for me, but it’s for him and for my husband.

Couple days a week I wake up super early, like 5:40am, and go to the gym when Dylan is still sleeping. The other days, when I do pilates or yoga later in the morning, he goes with me and stay at the kids club. Before heading with him to the gym, we usually have the same breakfast (just not the coffee, that’s for me.) But both of us have our Stonyfield yogurts and we constantly steal each others yogurt too! It’s just so good and healthy. That’s one of the things I don’t mind eating and sharing with him. He usually has the Whole Milk Smoothie and I have the Greek Yogurt.


Another thing that is important to me is to dress well. Don’t get me wrong, dressing well is not dressing fancy, but to wear something that is versatile and comfortable. My lifestyle in the city is busy, I don’t have a car, and I’m always on the go with Dylan. The days I got to the gym with him, for example, we go after to a playground or run errands. That’s just life for me and I enjoy it.

My husband is the person who introduce me to the brand PrAna. He swears by it and all his pants, that are not working pants, are from PrAna. So now that I have my first pair of pants, I finally understand what he is saying (thank you Stonyfield and prAna.) It fits well and it’s so comfy. The Annexi Pants are my new favorite jogger pants. I can wear to yoga or pilates and just keep my busy day going.


Besides that, PrAna is such an inspiring brand! Their pieces are made carefully, they are eco-friendly and cruelty free. It feels good to wear something you don’t have to worry about and as I said before, this sets examples for our kids!

PrAna is giving 15% off your entire purchase through May when you use this code: WHOLES17MTC. YAY! Xx




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