Solution to my curls

I just want to make clear beforehand that this is NOT a sponsored post… I just want to talk about this product simply because I love and it changed my life and my hair life, haha.

Anyway, I’ve had curly hair since I was a baby and the pictures prove it. When I was little I hated my hair more than anything and that went on until I was 28 years old. My mom tells this story that when I was about five years old or so I was so upset about hair I’d go to bathroom sink and just let the water run all over my hair hoping it would be straight!! And my mom always loved my hair, but we lived in Brazil, didn’t have a lot of money to spend on hair, and to tell you the truth… its not everyone who knows how to cut curly hair. Most of hair dresses thinks is the same as cutting straight hair.

On my teenager years I had enough of it and started to blow dry and straight my poor hair every day basically… and this went on for years and years. I attempted at some point to cut my hair short to look like Meg Ryan, guys, and it was such a disaster!! I cried and cried many times after that, haha.

Then I moved to US when I was 23 and then tried to have a hair cut at the mall, where they again didn’t know what they are doing. I cried for weeks and used a hat until my hair grew back and I ended up blowing drying again, thinking this would be forever and I’d never would use my hair natural, it just didn’t work!

I hated to fact I had to blow dry, I hated the fact it wasn’t natural, and I hated seeing people with perfect (curly) hairs. So when I was 28 years and my husband to be, couldn’t stand me complaining about my hair anymore, we found out a beauty salon here in NYC that took care ONLY of curly hair. I didn’t want to go at the time because was too expensive, but my husband convinced me and said it was worth trying.

Life changing!! They understood curly hair, the hair dresser with her beautiful curls cut my hair dry. Yes, curly hair has to be dry to be cut and then they wash it, style, and if needed, cut a little bit again after. Needless to say, Devachan Salon is the best thing that happen to me and to my self esteem! Their are products are AMAZING and I wouldn’t change for anything.


I’m 34 now and still cut my beautiful hair with the same person and use the same products. I just love it! I use this no poo, this conditioner, and this gel to style it. Occasionally,  if is too humid out there, I use a little bit of this too.

Sometimes we don’t understand how our hair can affect us. People that have never had any “problems” with their hair, don’t understand too. But having curly and not having the proper care for the first 28 years of my life, affected me in many, many ways. Finding what works and what is easy for me and my hair, made me much more happier and confident!

Now I can finally have the short hair style I always wanted to. It’s not like Meg Ryan, but I think is much better. Xx



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