Organic doesn’t have to be expensive

(this post is sponsored, but the thoughts and opinion are 100% mine. thank you for supporting bmac)

My husband and I always eat somehow what you can call “healthy.” We like salads, lean meat, veggies, and everything else that is good for you. Of course, I like to make it clear that we do eat burgers and everything else you can call “not good” too! It’s all balance. But anyway, when it come to organic products we never paid too much attention before Dylan.

Once D was born, we started becoming a little bit more aware and once he started eating solids at six month old, we decided lost of things should be organic for him and for us. We just didn’t realize how much this adds up. Organic is expensive and some places are way too expensive just because they have the organic label.

Luckily, you still can find organic in many places and it’s affordable, so there are no excuse not to buy. Walmart is one of these places! They have a great selection of organic products that you cannot say no to. And Stonyfield is a big part of organic things I buy for our family.

Since Dylan turned six months, he started having Stonyfield yogurts and it’s so nice to see the selection Walmart has on those yummy products. On my last grocery shop there, I got everything I needed from Stonyfield for him (including a huge box of the new fruit snacks) and for us. My husband and I also eat their yogurts and I use it a lot for cooking too.

So here you go, no more excuses not to buy organics. From yogurts to fruits/salads to pantry products, Walmart carries it all for a great price. Here are a just a few of the things I got it there for way less than $100. Everything we use and all the time.


IMG_3410IMG_3413 (1)

2 Replies to “Organic doesn’t have to be expensive”

    1. Yes, Melissa! But living in NYC I see some absurd prices on organic sometimes. Something that costs x in one place and the same product will cost 3x more at another. Xx

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