Hi, guys! We’re finally back from our trip and I’m still trying to organize things. We went Bermuda for a few days and it was the best! I love that place and this has been the fourth year we go there. We have been staying at the same place, the Fairmont Southampton Resort. That’s a great hotel, specially if you are there with kids. They have many nice restaurants, pool, private beach, restaurant by the beach, and many fun activities without overdoing it. It’s just easy and fun being there and I cannot wait to go back already.

Dylan had a blast, his favorite thing was playing on the sand! He didn’t take naps at all there, even though I tried, but he did just fine. He went to dinner with us every night and really enjoyed. When we are on vacation we are very laid back on bedtime, what he eats and don’t eat. I think that’s the beauty of vacation. It has to be fun for everyone and I didn’t want to stress out. It worked out pretty well.

There is a bunch of pictures if you’d like to see:



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