Museum Hack + New awesome stroller

A couple weeks ago we went to a fun event at the MET Museum here in Manhattan. We got invited by Fatherly and Baby Jogger and it was too much fun. We did a scavenger hunt and got to try the new City Select Lux 2017 by Baby Jogger around the museum and I have to tell you guy, this stroller is pretty amazing!

This is a great upgrade of the old City Select and there are so many amazing features, including the super easy fold. Seriously, to me this is one of the most important things in a stroller. Also, this stroller goes from single to double and you can add a bench. This is perfect, so you can add things on the stroller as you add kids in your life. You don’t need to buy a new stroller. Maybe is time to add a kid here? I guess not quiet yet.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pics from our Museum Hack and show this new awesome stroller! Thank you so much Fatherly for inviting me (and for the great pictures!) And thank you, Baby Jogger, for the new awesome stroller!


Baby Jogger-2008304-2003274562008304_baby-jogger-city-select-lux-single-seat-slate-angle2011476_baby-jogger-city-select-lux-double-seat-slate-angle2008304_baby-jogger-city-select-lux-with-toddler-seats-x2-in use-1

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