Beach essentials for D and for Mama

As the Summer approaches, a lot of people are preparing to spend the whole time at the beach and pool, or to take a vacation to a warm place with water. We, luckily, already went. It became a little tradition to go every Memorial Day to Bermuda and we love. Hopefully, we will be able to go next year again.

Traveling with a toddler requires a LOT of packing. Seriously, guys, it’s too much stuff always even though I try to pack super light. Anyway, I thought I’d share some os the essentials to the beach with a toddler. I’m not an expert, but I feel like every trip we take we learn a bit more on things we should take or not take.

At the resort we were, they had towels and beach toys. So it’s great we don’t need to pack that. I have to say that we did pack beach toys though, and that ended up staying in the room. We didn’t need that and I’m not packing again if I go to a place like that, haha.

  • Sunscreen: For Dylan we use Babyganics SPF 50 and I love it. I use it myself too all over my body and didn’t get burn. I really recommend this,  and we’ll be using the whole Summer;
  • Besides that, Dylan used their swim diapers and it’s great quality. I tried others swim diapers before and hated it. Other brands the diaper just get full of water and super heavy. The Babyganics new swim diaper is light and absorbs pretty well. Another great feature is that the little frog on the diaper will “tell” you that is time to re-apply the sunscreen by changing color!
  • Wipes! I feel like I used too many wipes to clean hands and face full of sand or ice cream that I can’t even start counting, haha. Not sure how, but Dylan would get dirty all the time. I guess that’s the toddler life. I use this wipes.
  • I kept Dylan’s lips and face hydrated too, specially after being at the beach all day with this balm. Well, his and mine! I’ve been using this from balm basically every day for the past few weeks and loving it.


Besides using Dylan’s sunscreen for my body (and that worked out GREAT,) for my face I have a few things I like. I have some moles, so I like to keep my face super protected. I think because of my “Brazilian” skin, but I get a tan super easy too, even with sunscreen. Here is what I usually use for my face to protect from the sun:

The Supergoop! sunscreen had been my favorite for many years. I actually try to use on daily basis, especially on Summer sunny days. At beach, I applied a little bit more than usual all over my face and neck.

The other day I found out some makeup from Neutrogena with SPF 55 and so far, I’m loving it. All the foundation I use has SPF, but over the Summer my skin gets more oily and I don’t like to use the liquid ones, even though I think it covers better. So I found this compact and it’s great. I also got this for my eyes.


So I guess it’s basically it. We’re already packing for another adventure soon, but it won’t be at the beach this time. Even though all products above will be needed and used!

My swimsuit is old from Paul Smith, similar here. And Dylan’s swim gear are all from here, except the hat. His hat is from here.

(disclaimer: some of the Babyganics products they send it to us, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. I do love and use their products.)

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