Keep Swimming, D!

I’ve been taking Dylan to swimming classes for a little over four months now, but I didn’t feel like writing here before and, the main reason was because he hated and I hated it. It was a struggle for both of us and I just wanted to deal with it without writing.

I always wanted him to take swimming lessons and not be afraid of water. Different than me, I want Dylan to know how to swim and at the same time respect the water, because I think it’s important to know you can’t just go and jump in any pool or just got in the ocean like nothing can happen. I think you need to be aware and have caution. I didn’t learn how to swim when I was a kid, I’m ok being in the pool, but I’m so scared of the ocean. I just can’t relax and enjoy, I’m really afraid. And I do not want Dylan to be like that.

So we started swimming back in February. Because he is under three, I had to go in with him in the water. I hated this idea. I looked for classes here in the city where I didn’t have to go in, but it was impossible to find. So I literally suck it up and took classes with him. DISASTER! I was fine in the water, but didn’t enjoy and I think D got a little bit of that. He hated so much and was clearly pissed off all the time. 45 minutes of class, 45 minutes of crying and asking to get out of the pool.

Every class I told myself (and my husband) I was going to quit, we both didn’t enjoy and it was waste of money. Every class, the teacher tried everything to make Dylan more comfortable and all the other parents there, genuinely felt bad for us. And I felt bad for them, because Dylan crying for over 40 minutes was no joke, haha.

The teacher asked for us not to quit. So did everyone else. I knew in my heart I had to be persistent too. I don’t need Dylan to love the swimming or be a professional swimmer, but I don’t want him to be scared of the water. I want him be safe and know what to do in the water, no matter if it’s at the pool or ocean.

So here we are, we persisted. For those reading this can sound silly, but I’m so proud of my boy! It’s been a couple of classes now that he doesn’t cry, he knows everything that he is suppose to do in class and he does with a big smile on his face. He enjoys the pool and the class. And most of all, he is not scared. For me this is huge! This is the best. Both of us struggled with the class and both of us dealt with it and now it’s something we look forward to. Keep swimming, D! Mama couldn’t be prouder of you.


4 Replies to “Keep Swimming, D!”

    1. Yeah, it took us a few months to get him comfortable… but I think the best thing is consistency. I was always talking to him, distracting, giving him toys and things like that. Another good thing was to try to have him always facing forward, because otherwise he would just hug my neck really tight and not let it go. Xx

      1. Yes – I definitely learned yesterday to keep her facing forward for the same reason. I’m thinking the consistency in the lessons: the same songs, same activities, same routine getting into the water will help her too. Thanks for the advice!

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