Hi, guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know we were away for the past 10 days throughout the Baltic Sea. We went on an amazing cruise with Celebrity Cruises for seven days and we spend extra couple days in Stockholm. And yes, we took Dylan with us.

This was my first cruise and I have to tell you I was a bit nervous and anxious about it. We travel quite a bit and I still don’t like flying too much. So I thought I would have the same feeling being on a ship for that long. I was wrong, thank goodness. I found out, even though the sea can get a little rough and I did feel it, I don’t get sea sick… yay!

Anyway, we flew to Stockholm first and stayed at a hotel there for two nights. Stockholm is a city that deserves to be spent more time and we knew it. Needless to say, I loved that place and definitely want to go back there one day.  We got there on a Tuesday morning and checked in into the ship on Thursday afternoon. But the ship stayed docked at the Stockholm’s port until Friday evening, so we had basically three full days there. Btw, Stockholm is totally kid friendly! So write that down if you’re planning on going to Europe with kids! So many things to do there with them.

Here was the cruise schedule: We left Stockholm on Friday evening, even though we checked in on Thursday. Saturday we docked in Helsinki, Finland to spend the day and leave evening. Sunday we arrived very early in Saint Petersburg, Russia also to spend the day. Because this city has to much to see in so little time, we hired a private tour where they a car and took us to the best places! Monday we arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. Tuesday was Riga, Latvia and Wednesday was sea day. Thursday we got back to Stockholm and spent the day there again before flying back to NYC.

So here you go… it was a tight schedule I have to say, and by the last country we visit Dylan was super tired but it worked out pretty well. The bottom line is what I always say, traveling with toddler is so, so challenging sometimes, but it so worth it! I heard a mama saying before that “if you to do routine, you stay home. Traveling is about experiences.” and I have to say that I agree 100% with that. We love going to places with our D and we wouldn’t do any other way, even though we are happy to be home now (but planning the next trip.)

I divided the post of this trip in three parts (Stockholm, the countries we visit while in the ship, and the ship,) so I hope you enjoy and don’t too tired of many photos, haha.



His love for animals is real!


Running after the gesse became a thing for him and he wanted to do this all the time.

P1070201P1070205 (1)

I love Vasa Museum





We went to the Tivoli Park and Dylan had a blast on the rides he went on, he cried to leave. Too bad he was super tired and needed a nap really bad.
I think we need to go to Disney soon… Just saying!


Junibacken is an amazing indoor playground inspired by children’s book. I love this place so much and I would go there every day if I lived in Stockholm.



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