Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia

As I said on the post before, we spent seven days cruising around the Baltic. The schedule was a bit tight, but enough so we could see things. Most of the cities were very small and it could be done in a few hours, except for St. Petersburg, in Russia. This is a big city, with a whole lot to see and we had only one day to see it all. So, we hired a private tour service where they took us to the best places, got first in line, they arranged the tickets and also had a car (with a carseat) to pick us up and take us to the best sightseeing around. Also, they arranged lunch in a super yummy and tradicional restaurant, so we didn’t have to worry about anything!

St. Petersburg is really nice and pretty, and very crowded. I might have to go back one day to see more, but with a toddler it was enough. Another city I loved was Helsinki, in Finland. What a beautiful place!! They have so many nice shops there.  Tallin, in Estonia and Riga, in Latvia are very pretty too, but super small and, as I said, we did in a few hours.

Riga was specially challenging with D because it was raining, it was the last place we saw and he was done with it. We just walked around the old town, witch is very medieval and pretty,  and that was it for us that day. I think the getting in and off the stroller stressed him out and the fact that was raining it didn’t help. But anyway, it was all worth seeing it. At least Dylan can say one day he went to Latvia! Who goes there? 🙂

Here are some photos if you’d like to see:

Helsinki, Finalnd



St. Petersburg, Russia:


He loved running around the square… Inside the Hermitage though, he had a fit.


Souvenirs are his thing!


Do NOT take toddlers to museums, do NOT! Unless they are sleeping and will sleep through the whole time!


Guess who is tired of running? ME!
This is a model country for the whole Russia. It’s pretty AMAZING and Dylan loved it.
So well done. D loved the trains.


Tallinn, Estonia:


Riga, Latvia:


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