The Cruise

So here is the last part of the post about our trip… the cruise! As I said before, we were in a seven day cruise with Celebrity Cruises. It was my first time being in a big ship and spending so much time in it. I was anxious for so many reasons. Was I going to get sea sick? Was I going to feel trapped? Was I going to feel bored? Was I going to be uncomfortable? Were the bathrooms going to be super small where I can barely shower? And lots of many silly, silly questions like that. Well, I was wrong. I didn’t get sea sick, I didn’t feel trapped, didn’t get bored, bathrooms were amazing and probably bigger than the one in my apartment. I have to say though, that I did feel the ship rocking a little bit a few times, but that’s ok, I guess.  I just got used to it.

We stayed in suite with a lot of space and a balcony. The only sad part it that wasn’t warm enough to hang out there. But you get what you get. Our room was spacious and super comfortable. Because we had Dylan with us, more space is needed. The ship provides crib if we need, but we took our traveling crib with us, this one. Dylan sleeps really well in this and we didn’t want to take a chance of him not sleeping. I love this traveling crib and I’m kinda sad he is growing out of it.

The ship also has many nice restaurants that you can choose from. Since we stayed in a suite we had a few extra perks, like a special restaurant to go to. The restaurant changed the menu every night, so it was like a different place. The food? Amazing! We got lucky too that out of seven nights, we got babysitters for five nights after D went to bed. So it was date night. Yay! Can’t complain about that. The ship has a kids club, but they accept only kids who are over 3 years old.. so we’re planning our next cruise for as soon as Dylan turns 3!!

Besides all those things, the ship has basically everything you need… Casino, shops, bakeries, live music, DJ, activities, SPA (where I went twice for the best massage I ever had,) gym, theater, shows, and so on. It was wonderful, I loved the ship experience. And that part of the world should be seen cruising. So worth it! I cannot wait to go on another one again.

Here are some photos


Can you see D passed out?
He watched Trolls like 100 times! 


Hi, handsome!


Sunsets close to 11pm every day! This was so amazing. 
Our room it was right up there… 🙂
Spa time for mama. 


The face of that kid who just sits quiet…


Enter a caption


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