Favorite Lipsticks

If you know me, you know how much I love a beautiful and colorful lipstick. I’m that mom that has some color on her lips all the time, haha. It makes me feel good, feel pretty, and it makes me feel like I care about myself. And yes, I do care! Being a stay at home mom we can easily forget to take care of ourselves, but it’s the little things that makes the difference. Just learn what makes you feel better… for you!


I’m a truly believer that a happy mom = happy home! My friends know that I’m an advocate for moms to do simple and easy things to take care of themselves. And, to me, using lipstick is one of them. Works for me. So I’m sharing here a few of my favorite ones.


Also, is there any little thing you do everyday for you? Do you use lipstick? If you do, what’s your favorite one? Here are a few of my favorites right now:

BITE lipstick are my number 1!! Besides the colors being so beautiful, this lipsticks basically stays all day long, so I love it. 


I’ve always liked Bobby Brown pencils and I’ve always used the red and bright pink. I think now I need to try a few other colors. 


NARS makes great lipsticks too. It’s super smooth and I love this orange for Summer days. 



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