The SeaGlass Carousel

Yesterday we had a last minute playdate… Actually, we’ve been having a few last minutes playdates and it’s been the best, every time. I think we’ll just do that from now on. Anyway, yesterday one of my friends suggested we go to the SeaGlass Carousel and we did. I decided to invite another friend too and everyone said yes.

I’ve been meaning to go to the this Carousel for awhile now, but never made my way there and that’s a shame because it’s so close to us. It’s just a few stops from the subway or if I’m feeling adventurous, it’s like 25 – 30 minutes walk. Yesterday, Dylan and I took the subway and that’s one of his favorite things ever. This boy loves trains and things that go!

The SeaGlass Carousel is so beautiful and something totally different that you have ever seen. So worth it! The ride is $5 and kids over 12 months already pay to ride. It’s on Battery Park, so if you’re on the area, you definitely should go. We took the 1 train to South Ferry and walked like 2 minutes.

Our playdate ended up becoming a happy hour with dinner for the kids after, so it was a win win situation, haha. Here are some photos if you’d like to see:



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