Happy Birthday, D!

If you guys check my Instagram, you know it was my son’s second birthday this past Friday. I cannot believe Dylan is already two and I’m a mom for this long. And at the same time, I cannot imagine life without my D. The past two years have been the best of my life and its flying by. I love being his mama and I love the opportunity I have to stay home with D and be part of everything in his life.

This year we decided not to throw a party for Dylan. But we did a last minute get together at the playground and it was the best. I didn’t really decide until Friday morning actually because I didn’t know how the weather was going to be. This time of the year is always really, really hot, humid, and thunderstorms are all over the place. Friday though ended up being perfect.

I texted a few friends that live around on Friday morning to let them know I’d bring cupcakes to the playground in the afternoon to celebrate D. We would go to the playground anyway, like we always do. I got those delicious little cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes. It was a hit! Everyone loved and I think Dylan ate three of those, haha.

After that, I ordered some cheese pizza from Famous Ben’s Pizza in SoHo, which is on the corner of the playground. It was dinner time for the kids and, even though everyone ate a bunch of cupcakes before, everyone ate lots of pizza after too. The kids played, ate, had fun, the adults chatted, had some wine and it was a perfect afternoon to celebrate Dylan’s birthday. He was in his happy place and wouldn’t have done any other way.

Happy Birthday, D! We love you.


The only way to get all the kids quiet is with cupcakes! 


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