Favorite books lately

Ive been meaning to share here some of Dylan’s favorite books lately, but it seems like I never get my way around to do it because he is always getting new books. So I decided I will do posts like this once in awhile, always when he gets some new and cool books he loves it. Currently, Dylan has a few favorites (not sure how it will be next week,) but these books has been a hit for a little awhile now, so here it is:

1 – Where’s Warhol? – yes, that’s right! I got this book for my husband and Dylan loves it. We tried to get him hooked with Where’s Waldo? and it didn’t work. So, Warhol it is. Can’t complain, this boy has good taste.


2 – The Cave – I first saw this book in Stockholm and wanted to buy, but it was twice as much comparing to Amazon, so I just ordered online like everything else. Dylan loves, loves caves. Every time we go under something (bridge, scaffolding, trees, under a blanket, table) he says is a CAVE! So I got this book and he is obsessed! We’ve been reading like 10x a day since last week, haha. It’s a super cute book though.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender

3 – Dada – this Jimmy Fallon book is super silly and baby book. We’ve been reading to D basically since he was born. The difference now is that he memorized the whole book and “reads” all by himself. So, of course, he loves. it.

FullSizeRender 3

4 – How do Dinosaurs say I Love You – D is starting to say ‘I love you” now and I love it! His grandma got him this book and it’s super cute. We already had a few books of this collection and he always liked it.  This is one of my favorite collections.


5 – This is Not My Hat – A dear friend gave D this book on his birthday and he loved it. It’s a story about a stolen hat, somehow weird, somehow amazing! We’ve been reading every single day.

FullSizeRender 4

6 – I Spy with my little eye – D has this book for awhile and now likes to find everything by himself. It’s cute to see the way the mix up the English and Portuguese. I love these type of book.


D is about to the get some other new books, so I’ll come back here with more recommendations in a few weeks. Which book your kid is obsessed right now? I’d love to know. Xx

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